No-Touch Reiki

Japanese for "spiritually guided life force energy", Reiki heals through energy. We have seven chakras or energy points along the body that correspond with certain organs/areas of the body, colors and emotions.  Reiki energy balances these chakras which brings balance back to the recipient's life. No Touch Reiki is recommended for people who have experienced trauma or other events that may make healing through massage or other touch undesirable.

$45/30 minutes

Prenatal Massage

​A massage designed specifically for moms-to-be. Whether you're a first time mom or a seasoned expert this massage is for you.  Moms are massaged in side lying and adapted upright position specifically designed to maximize comfort and allow for relief from pain in common areas during pregnancy.  This is an excellent quirt time for mom to distress and ease her discomforts as her little one grows! 

​​$35/30 minutes     $60/60 minutes     


​Mind and Body Reprieve

Take your body out of the "fight or flight" stresses  of everyday life and enter the "rest and digest".  Feel like yourself again and allow your body and mind to release stress and built - up tension while enjoying a combination of shiatsu, Swedish and deep tissue techniques in a massage customized especially for you.

​$35/30 minutes     $60/60 minutes     $90/90 minutes

Postnatal / Partner Massage

​Congratulations! You have just added a beautiful new love to your life! Take some time to heal your body and have a quiet moment to reflect and adjust to this miraculous change in your life.  Fantastic for recovering moms as well as their partners or co-parent. 

​​$35/30 minutes     $60/60 minutes     $90/90 minutes

​Deep Tissue Manipulation  

​Experience much needed relief from chronic or acute muscle pain with this combination of shiatsu, PNF and deep tissue massage methods.  Each massage is specifically tailored to target the area in distress.

$35/30 minutes    $60/60 minutes